How to use video marketing to increase eCommerce sales?

July 26, 2022

Marketers face one of the greatest challenges when trying to promote their brands. Finding the right strategy is crucial in capturing the attention of their target audience. You've tried everything, including content writing and social media campaigns. But you still don't get much traction.

Don't worry! Video marketing is a strategy that has helped many businesses reach their goals quickly. It is a great tactic to help you grow your eCommerce business.

It cannot be easy to run an eCommerce shop. Everyone has the opportunity to start their own business online. The competition is fiercer every day.

Video marketing isn't a new trend. However, the way video marketing is used and developed is unique, making it a powerful strategy to increase your revenue.

Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing In Ecommerce

You don't have to wait for a camera to record a video. There are many reasons why you should use videos in your eCommerce marketing. Videos can help you communicate your message better and attract potential buyers. Your site will have higher conversion rates and a better SEO profile. 

Let's talk more about the reasons.

A Better Buying Experience

Your eCommerce website is not as convenient as a brick-and-mortar shop. Since the buyer can’t touch the product. 

However, you can narrow that gap by showing videos of your product.

You can test the product by making a video. It is possible to show a product in a way that will allow it to be used in real life. This makes customers feel more confident about purchasing the product.

A subject matter expert can demonstrate and explain the product in your video to maximize its impact. Use tools to narrow your search for experts based on location and category.

Posting Videos on your website can have tons of SEO benefits.

Videos are not just for people. Nearly every search engine loves videos, meaning people click on videos more than text-based results.

Video improves the time spent on your site. It is because people spend more time viewing videos than reading. The time spent, also known as dwell time, is a strong indicator of content quality to the Google algorithms. This will rank your content higher in search engines and suggest more content for similar queries.

Captures Attention

Video marketing is engaging. Video marketing can grab your audience's attention quickly. People love to watch videos. For example, YouTube is the best place to spend hours per day.

People today use numerous social networks to share videos and increase the chances of sharing other content.

You can watch the dynamic images and hear the stories with a video. To fully understand the context, you can also use the built-in caption. Many people prefer to view videos rather than other content when they receive information.

Video converts better than other types of content.

Brands can make the most complicated topics easy to understand and digestible through video. The buyer, who may have had an abstract idea about your product, can now see and experience it from all angles.

You can use a video testimonial to build a warm relationship between customers and brands. 

A video testimonial is more trustworthy than a written one. It adds credibility and trust because they can attach faces and voices to the content. A video is a powerful tool for conversion.

Using video marketing for eCommerce sales

Here’s an outline how you can use video marketing for eCommerce sales:

Select the Product

You can't make videos about all of your products for eCommerce marketing. Instead, you can make videos about a specific product or a seasonal sale. These criteria can be used to choose a product:

  • Your best-selling product
  • Visuals to explain the function of the product
  • Promote a product

Plan Your Video

Your customers will be inspired by a compelling video that includes social proof of product usage. You must first understand your segmented customers to create a compelling video. The better you understand your customers, the more effective your video will be.

It is important to plan your eCommerce videos according to what motivates, inspires, and their problems and pain points. It allows you to build an emotional connection between your customers.

Select the right platform and tools

You need to choose the right platform for uploading your videos. You do this considering your target audience and their demographics. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the most used tools for eCommerce video marketing.

Prepare to Mobile

Mobile users are increasing worldwide, and people use mobiles daily to shop online. Your videos must be mobile-friendly. Also, ensure that all devices can view your videos.

Top Video Marketing Tips For ECommerce Stores

Let us find out:

  • Set a budget

Video marketing can be very expensive, especially if your mind is full of creative ideas. Like all forms of marketing, it is important to evaluate your potential return on investment.

A budget can help you to keep a reasonable margin and limit the amount you can invest in video production.

  • Investing in high quality

Video production is a decision that you make. However, your budget does not dictate how much you can afford. Investing in high-quality video production is important because your primary goal is to increase sales on your eCommerce website.

  • Keep it truthful

It is a rule of thumb that shorter sentences are better. It is important to highlight the key benefits of your product, not distract from the main point. Too much filler content can lead to the loss of the main objective.

  • Share Over Platforms

You have spent a lot of time, money and effort creating amazing video content. 

Repurpose videos for your website, social media and email campaigns. For example, you can write a blog post that includes the embedded video to generate more organic traffic. Feature product videos you have created on your product pages.

  • Include a CALL-TO-ACTION

After viewers have finished watching the video, they should be able to see what is the next step. Ask them to visit your site, call you, click a button or do something to engage with your content.

Although it may seem obvious, users can be confused if you leave your video open-ended. It should be easy for users to find you online and purchase your products.


Video is the most popular content medium right now. eCommerce companies that use videos in their marketing efforts report greater impact and better results. These are some of the best ideas to increase sales for your eCommerce business.

Remember that video marketing strategies are more complex than what we can cover here. Before you start, we recommend that you read more of our blog articles and get more information.

And it's no doubt that your eCommerce business can stand out from the crowd with a great video strategy.

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