9 best motion graphic trends of 2022

July 26, 2022

In the last couple of years, the motion graphic world has seen enormous growth. During the global pandemic, video makers used animated and stock footage. They began experimenting with motion graphics to develop creative and interesting ways to deliver all the content to the viewers.

Today, motion graphics are taking over every industry. From small in-app animations to full-length promotional videos, motion graphics' range of applications and creativity can't be rivaled. 

It's no wonder that trends in motion graphics change and constantly evolve due to their close relationship to technological advances.

In the past, motion graphics trends included striking color palettes, lively animations, minimalist design, and retro-inspired elements. 

What's different in 2022? Let us check out:

  • Grain Effects and Texture

Different textures and grains add the impression of personality and character to any digital artwork. This is why they're an integral part of the motion graphics trends in 2022.

Grain effects are a kind of design noise that blends the symmetrical shape and squiggles of other media in the form of a moving montage. It can make everything exciting.

Additionally, grains and textures add an old-fashioned feel to your animated videos. Using appropriate images and effects, it is possible to make motion graphics that convey the timeless feel of hand-print and risograph-inspired style.

  • Vibrant Color and Bold

This trend is connected to the use of colors. One of the most effective methods of creating motion graphics and videos is using bright and vibrant colors. This will make your motion graphics more appealing. Animations with vibrant and bold colors look stunning and distinguish you as a fashionable animator and motion graphics expert.

  • Fun Data Visualizations

In the past, visualizations of data have typically been dull and dull. So they were created to display data concisely and clearly.

Why isn’t this continuing in 2022 as well? It's because people are bored with repeatedly seeing the same data visualisations. They are looking for something fresh and intriguing to see, and that's the place where you can find fun data visualisations.

The visuals intend to be entertaining and informative regardless of the shape of conventional data-driven visualisations. The fun and entertaining form of data viz is a nexus to marketing's meme-ification and graphic design. Basically, it's a different trend that has taken over the world of design brands.

  • Flowing and Morphing Gestures

Morphing is a way to restore motion graphics to their original form. This involves collapsing the shapes into an effect that resembles liquid and then gently mixing the parts in and out. 

The mix of liquid materials and smooth timing make Morphing transformations fun for the viewer.

Liquid and morphing components have fantastic ethereal properties, making them perfect for looping short or compelling animations or ads. Moreover, a great technique for website animation since it keeps viewers' attention on the page and makes them stay longer on the website.

  • Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is one of the forms of motion graphics that combine text and typefaces on an entirely new level. This trend is perfect for websites, advertising, music videos, and TV and movie sequence titles. The reason is its capacity to grab attention and communicate the story.

Images and fonts are typically not stretched or altered in unorthodox ways. Instead, bending, stretching, and distorting letters are all elements of the motion-based typography that's becoming a success with the public.

  • Animation and Text

When you create motion graphic animations, it's frequently seen in the animated text and the background. Motion graphics videos used for eCommerce advertising are usually animated. You can use background animation and text to display web pages that include text, products, and other objects. This technique is currently being used, and we are hoping that shortly, this video and motion method will become more focused and will increase the need.

  • Parallax Animation

The term "parallax" may sound quaint; however, you've likely seen it in social media and web design content recently, particularly on TikTok.

Parallax animation gives a 2D context depth illusion, keeping an object in the center and contrasting it with the background. 

In web design, the parallax effect ensures that background images move faster than foreground images.

This technique can give an impactful effect or highlight important instances.

  • 3D Design

In 2022, 3D will play an important role in both web and graphic design. Alongside communicating a particular purpose, the unification of images provides an incredible amount of depth for viewers to be engaged with. To keep viewers' attention, many businesses have embraced this kind of art.

The increasing use of 3D designs pushes graphic designers to become more imaginative and think beyond the norm. With the growth of software such as Adobe Dimension, the trend will majorly influence the packaging of products.

  • Vivid Neon Backgrounds

The latest trends in backgrounds change every year. Colors with bold and pastel shades or neon hues are set to become more popular.

The goal is to make backgrounds that don't appear too hectic and distracting. There are now neon backgrounds that come back in 2022. They're particularly prominent in the latest logo designs, which utilise these neon colours and brand visuals.

We spoke about Twitter Marketing earlier. They are designing fun data visualisations and have embraced bright neon backgrounds as their visuals.


Motion graphics provide a short yet instructive experience engagingly. It's great content since it is easy to digest and entertaining to share with others. They're a great tool, but it will work only if you're adept at utilising its concepts effectively. 

Utilising these motion-based graphic trends could be the best solution to make your content more interesting and impress your intended viewers.

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