Top 3 Video Production Services Small Businesses Must Invest In

January 20, 2023

More and more businesses are now incorporating video into their marketing strategies. Companies of all sizes are now utilising the power of videos as an effective marketing tool. 

With that kind of saturation, it’s becoming difficult for your content to get noticed – regardless of its originality.

That’s not the only reason some businesses are afraid to add to this trend. Another key blocker is the fear of spending on a video project without an assured return of investment. 

The key to combating these challenges is picking the right video production company.

With the right video partner, you can catapult your business to success. These agencies have the tools, talent, and expertise, helping you translate your vision into amazing, eye-catching videos. 

Taking a deep dive into an agency's portfolio, as well as booking in a consultation, will give you a better idea into budget, time constraints, and the team. 

With these insights, you can be sure that the agency you pick will be able to satisfy your demands. Listed below are some of these considerations:

1. Budget

Setting a budget will always be the starting point of your strategy. You’ll be able to set expectations with agency representatives about your marketing project. 

Get ballpark quotes from three or more video production companies if you’re still unsure on the budget you need to set.

The cost varies depending on the type of video you want produced. For instance, live-action productions require more hiring costs. 

That doesn’t mean animation will always be cheaper. Having a fixed budget will give your production company of choice an idea.

2. Prepare a List of Production Companies

It pays to have a list of companies for you to approach. You can achieve this through the following: 

- Referrals – You can ask for trustworthy recommendations from other marketers and businesses. They can refer you to a company they previously worked with. This can put your mind at ease if someone can vouch for a company you are interested in.

- Online Search – Performing a geo-targeted search can also help you find reliable and capable video production agencies. Google can help you find local video production companies—simply type in a particular city in your search terms. It’s also a convenient way to look at some of the work they’ve published online.

- Visit Social Channels – Check out some video content from your favourite brands. It doesn’t have to be videos within the niche, but you may find companies that will impress you with their style, messaging and compelling visuals. 

3. Create a Project Brief

One effective way to share your ideas is by creating a content brief. This should include all relevant information, such as the messaging of your video, details about your business, and your target audience.

A content brief is not necessarily the same as a storyboard or script. It only contains a straightforward summary of your concept. 

The brief should be understandable as long as you outline the purpose of your video.

Starting with the clear idea of what you want to achieve will give you focus. Formulating a brief can streamline your search, as well as your initial deliberations.

4. Prepare for Detailed Discussions

Proceed to your content brief after narrowing down your list to two or three video agencies. Remember that chemistry is also important in a working relationship, not just creative skills and abilities. 

You’ll be working with them for a significant period, so top-notch customer service and advanced work ethic is required.

Evaluate the pros and cons of working with the agency in question. Review some of their previous video creations to assess if they are capable of creating what you want to achieve. 

It could also be a way of highlighting your concerns or desires with your production.

Preparing a set of questions will also help. Simply put, understanding their video production process will ease your mind from worries.

5. Establish a Clear Timeline

It's important to note that video projects take longer than you expect, as forcing a fast, strict or tight deadline may sacrifice the entire production’s quality. 

Allow some extra time to work on edits and quality checks.You wouldn’t want to receive a rushed video after spending so much time and money to have it produced.

Majority of the allotted production time will be dedicated to polishing all the details, sign-offs and production elements. 

Establishing a reasonable timeline will also give the team an opportunity to thoroughly understand your video’s objectives. 

Avoid rushing any important decisions, as this will ensure no details are missed. 

6. Request for a Proposal and Quotation

Ask for proposals as well as quotes. Comparing proposals and pricing will help you come up with a decision on who to hire.

Keep in mind that, generally speaking, you always get what you pay for. It's all about conveying a message and aiming to produce an engaging video to achieve a greater return of investment. 


Hiring the right video production company also includes making sure the final product is a reflection of your company’s values.

We know, evaluating production agencies is easier said than done, but having these guidelines will up your chances of getting the right agency to partner. 

Ultimately, these steps will lead to your overall success. 

Happily, White Lemon Productions embodies all of the traits you’re considering in an ideal video production agency. Get in touch today and let’s discuss your next awesome video!

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