What Video Production Service is Best for your Small Business?

December 13, 2022

The predictions are true, video is the marketing medium of the future. Your strategies are obsolete if you are not capitalising on the power of videos.

It’s never too late to jumpstart your marketing strategy. Several companies offer video production services in case you're short on budget for an in-house production team.

Video marketing is not solely for big companies anymore. Today’s modern technology also gives small businesses an opportunity to make use of this tool.

Are you ready to join the 60% of businesses reaping its benefits? Let’s dig deeper into the topic of business video production.

Different Types of Video Production

There are several video types for your marketing strategy. Awareness of these video formats can help you land a good video production partner.

There’s no guarantee that your prospect company has the expertise to create the video you want. Being informed of the following categories can help you share your requirements carefully.

Listed below are the top eight of the most common video production services:

1. Educational Videos

These are explainer videos focused on providing information to its viewers. Examples include how-to videos, PSAs and tutorials.

Videos of this category are usually quick, starting from 30-second videos or longer depending on the depth of the topics.

2. Promotional Documentary Videos

This type of video production utilises storytelling through interviews. It usually has 1-30 minutes in length with travel, promotional and infomercial videos as some of its examples.

3. Advertising Videos

Commercials can be in docu-style, animation or scripted with only 30-90 seconds runtime. This service can include pre-roll, sponsored or branded content, etc.

4. Corporate Videos

Brand culture, promotional and training videos are under this category. Videos of this type generally run at least 1-60 minutes in length.

5. Event Videos

Event coverage can be a teaser, a multi-camera production or a recap piece. This service is used for sporting events, weddings, performances, etc.

6. Real Estate Videos

This service aims to create an enticing video experience. Real estate videos generally run under 5 minutes that use several filming techniques like timelapse, drone shots, etc.

7. Social Media Videos

Social media videos are 15-60 second clips that include narration, music and text. This online video production works well with Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other platforms that support video playback.

8. Music Videos

This one’s self-explanatory. It could be a clip of a musician lip-syncing on a video or footage that requires background music when it does not need audio storytelling.

3 Must-Have Production steps of a Video Production Company

Your production team must have the following steps in their production process regardless if they are an in-house team or a third-party company.

1. Preproduction

This is the first step of the whole video production process. These things happen behind the scenes but it is considered as the most essential part of video creation.

Services under this phase include:

  • Brainstorming of ideas (objective, delivery, target audience, etc.)
  • Finalisation of budget
  • Scriptwriting
  • Outlining and Storyboarding
  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Paperworks (shooting permits, set rentals, etc.)
  • Hiring of subcontractors (if necessary)
  • Preparation and rental of equipment (if necessary)

It is the part where you solidify the foundation of your project, build a strong message and determine the things to be done to get there.

2. Production

This part is the actual shooting of the video. The following manpower services are some of the things considered in this production phase:

  • Producer
  • Main Camera Operator
  • Assistant Camera Operator
  • Field Audio Engineer
  • Lighting team
  • Makeup team
  • Production Assistant

3. Post Production

This stage of the production is done after wrapping up the whole filming process. It covers everything that is necessary upon the completion of the video shoot.

Services include:

  • File organization
  • Video editing
  • Animation or motion graphics
  • Color grading
  • Voice actors
  • Audio mastering
  • File delivery

Is Video Production Worth It?

It is important to make use of video production services for your business nowadays.

The earning opportunities are endless since you can use your finished product over and over again. You can upload it on your company website, social media channels or make use of it in your email marketing efforts.

Remember all of the information shared above and increase your chances of ROI. Your brand needs to standout in the competition and video is the way to go.

Let a video production expert tell your brand’s story to keep your target audience engaged. This can only be achieved through a combination of a strong marketing strategy and a high-quality video.

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